French Polynesia: vacation on the island of Bora Bora

The Islands of Bora Bora in French Polynesia Archipelago is hardly common pastime vacationers. This amazing water world, which is a necklace of islands in the Pacific Ocean, is far off the beaten tourist paths. It is especially interesting to get on one of the lost islands, to feel carefree Aborigine in the lap of nature.

On 118 the islands of French Polynesia, home to less than 300 thousand people, mainly involved in servicing tourism industry. Traditional Polynesian crafts - pearl fishing and shark finning - not only serve as entertainment for guests, but also bring a decent income residents. On most islands of French Polynesia, have a volcanic origin, coconut palms are grown for the production of copra. Here there is a suitable soil for the plants and natural water bodies. On the coral islands of greenery little. This is mainly wild palms, thrives in the deposits of white sand.

Each of the Polynesian islands, as Bora Bora, has a special charm. Each has its own amazing story, enveloped in an aura of beautiful legends and myths. In the epic Polynesian peoples passed many poetic legends, associated with this melodious names.

Tahiti locals call the Queen of the Pacific Ocean, Moorea - edge of dreams and beautiful flowers. The island of Bora Bora as the most beautiful in the world, а Хуахин и Райатеа - the oldest, carry traces of bygone civilizations. Artist Gauguin, part of a life lived on the islands of French Polynesia, most loved island of Hiva Oa, the nature of which gave him the inspiration for brilliant pictures.

Once to get to the Polynesian islands of the archipelago could only sea. Journey took many weeks, exhausting passengers seasick and monotonous food. Today, to rest in Tahiti or Bora Bora do not need to become a courageous explorer and fight with storms in the Pacific. Hours of flight to an airport, located on the islands of French Polynesia, habitual comfort you will not deprive. And even if you're in the air a little bored, Enjoy your stay in the islands will eclipse all the time trouble.

Unforgettable memories of a fantastic archipelago with its exotic nature, stunning beaches and beautiful islander will always be the best experience of your tour biography.

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  1. Igor

    according to the article, I would like to go there and relax with your family,it is desirable to know how much the trip will cost

  2. Vadim

    White sand, Palms, Pacific Ocean and at least people – ideal conditions for rest. And what amazing colors

  3. Хосе

    Стоить будет минимум 5000 euro, экономить не советую не за этим туда едут. Дорого, далеко, офигенно.
    Вот сайт есть на тему: bora-bora тчк domestic-travel.ру


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