The state in South- East Asia, whose capital is Kuala Lumpur. The climate is equatorial.
The country is interesting, that there are often sales carnivals, it stands to appreciate shoppers.
You can visit the mountain resort of Cameron Highlands, there are many orchards and plantations of tea. At night, open discos and bars, who love the youth.
In Malaysia, about a thousand islands, exotic nature, trips to visit two ways : on land or diving under water. In Malaysia, the main attraction for tourists is the diving, You can even see the wrecks, as well as to do research these sites.
Beach holidays are not as popular in this country, White sand, azure sea, is not this paradise? In addition, you can swim all year round, with the exception of those days, when these places storm.
See stranы – is the calling card of Malaysia, so to say the Garden City. Gemini Petronas Towers, mosque and park it at least, that would be worth look around.
In Malaysia, in forests inhabited by wild rhinos, but to see them,
need a pass.
It is impossible not to pay attention to nature reserves, Гунунг-Мулу, Бако, Ниах.
Tioman Island is famous for coral, among the ten most beautiful islands. It's diving, take a ride on the tourist ferry and watch the magnificent sunset.
Gore "Donkey Ears" is famous for tropical forest. Also on Tiomane can try rock climbing.
Dzhorzhdtaun - the capital island Penang, it is simply impossible to pass by shops with souvenirs, here find their place lovers of vintage trinkets and other antiquities. Here you can see such sights, as a Chinese temple, Buddhist temple, Hindu temple, Temple of the Goddess of Mercy. Very beautiful old place, that simply can not be ignored.

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3 thoughts on “Malaziyya – Country, known to many!

  1. Anatoly

    Although the title of the article suggests, that everyone should know about the designated country, but I unfortunately do not know anything about her. Well, besides, that it is located in South-East Asia. And there are a lot of Muslims. Maybe somehow try to eliminate their lack of knowledge about the country, and try to go there.

  2. Olaya

    Very beautiful architecture, like a fairy-tale city. A simply gorgeous beaches! Holidays in Malaysia will be a memorable!

  3. РоманБ

    I have visited the country in order, to rent a small island for a week and forget about civilization.


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