Ski resorts in France 2012

Ski resorts in France

Many tourists are eager to France, to see the famous Eiffel Tower and relax on the Cote d'Azur. But it is equally well known and ski resorts in France. French Alps - one of the best places for winter holidays. For winter sports, these picturesque mountains ideally suited. After all, the newcomers, and experienced skiers can easily find the most suitable in terms of the track. Tourists stay in comfortable hotels, affecting the high level of service. Ski season begins in February. At this time, the weather is usually clear and sunny. First snow falls at the end of November, and it begins to melt in mid-May. Weather in Alpine mountains never ceases to delight and amaze visitors. After all, even in winter at high altitude relatively warm. The air temperature in November is held about 0 degrees, falling in January to -7 degrees. But before -10 the temperature rarely falls. Apart from skiing, at French ski resorts you can also do rock climbing and winter mountaineering, a ride on a dog sled. And in Megeve tourists can climb over the mountains on a hot air balloon or helicopter and enjoy the spectacular views. The resort of Megeve is considered one of the most prestigious, because all over the world come to wealthy tourists. Since those wishing to visit it very much, tours have to be booked in advance. The resort is popular not only in winter, but in summer. In the summer, tourists come there just to, to admire unforgettable views. Length of the route was 440 km, terminus of the lift is at a height 2350 meters. And on the level of complexity of the percentage of routes of different levels in the ski resorts of France as follows. Most of the tracks is challenging tracks (about 38%), very complex about 16%, average 28%, and the most simple about 18%.

Dessert for today - videos holiday in ski resort Courchevel (Courchevel)

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  1. Babachka

    I obazhaet France and French Alps. Indeed a paradise for skiers. Skiing – my passion. The next year will certainly go there with kids.



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