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Free travel: каучсерфинг

Everyone loves to travel. Even die-hard couch potatoes sometimes dream about, to leave his cozy nest and go somewhere in the distant jungle or take a look at the endless sands of the desert.

Everybody loves to travel, but not everyone can afford it. And it is for those, Who, as the hero of the famous Soviet film, "Desires to, but has no possibility ", was coined CouchSurfing - free travel.

What's this? For our country, this is a fairly new concept. CouchSurfing implies the ability to travel without a solid cash costs. Free travel - that's what CouchSurfing. The movement was founded by German student Veit Cuers, organize society kauchserferov. Stepped into society a person can easily go to any country and ask fellow accommodation free of charge. Borrow money for housing is strictly prohibited.

Каучсерфер, Usually, not only travels. Under the rules of society, he is obliged to host visitors, если, of course, his circumstances permit. On the whole organization is based on mutual trust people to each other - it is not so easy to go to a strange city and ask for accommodation from strangers. CouchSurfing is especially designed for, who loves adventure and risk, and is not afraid of change.

Dessert for today - video, Kauchserfing in Europe

2 thoughts on “Free travel: каучсерфинг

  1. Sergei

    Word what fun – каучсерфинг ! I for some reason the association with the rubber . Only a little is not clear : travel free , and then with what money ” free to go to any country ” ?


    Irene Reply:

    The implication, that you do not spend the night. Kauchserfery people hospitable, dinner and pleasant conversation with a resident of the host country is almost guaranteed. After the visit made to share the positive reviews on the site, thus the rating is formed and a, and hosts.



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