Отдых для активных людей – популярные маршруты

Popular destinations for outdoor activities

Active recreation is becoming more popular. Consider the most popular places for recreation.


It offers hot air balloon rides and paragliding, roll down the hill into the zorb or even rafting on a mountain river. The Czech Republic offers excellent conditions for cycling.

Austria. The mountains provide many options for outdoor activities - here, For example, You can practice climbing, Trekking and rafting. Summer ski slopes also used for downhill biking - downhill. Norway. Active holidays to suit all tastes. For more sedate - boat trips kayaking through the famous Norwegian fjords. For those, Who attracts adrenaline, - Rafting on fast mountain rivers. Well, where else, but in Norway, You can take a walk on the glacier? Germany. Ideal for those, who prefer hiking or bike tours interested in - these kinds of tourism are organized at the highest level. But do not forget about in Germany and lovers of mountain tourism - there are all kinds of entertainment for them in Bavaria. Finland. Here you can experience the romance of winter recreation. You ride a deer or a dog sled, and then teach to build igloo. Sure, You can rent a snowmobile and independently travel around the neighborhood in search of the best shot "in memory". Besides, Finland - a paradise for fans of winter and summer fishing. США В многочисленных национальных парках можно найти все виды туристических маршрутов – альпинистские, rock, cycling and, of course, Walking. Here you can go to a walk through the swamps and lakes on the airboat and see alligators. A true romance can go to Alaska and try yourself in the role of the prospector. Switzerland. Number of variants of extreme relaxation Switzerland definitely not inferior to other countries. Ski Holidays, trekking, rafting, Downhill, полеты на параплане и прыжки с парашютом – лишь часть того, что могут предложить гостеприимные швейцарцы. Единственный минус – это очень высокая стоимость отдыха. For dessert - видео активного отдыха http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqFxfP6j2cE

5 thoughts on “Popular destinations for outdoor activities

  1. Paul

    Очень понравилась статья! I especially liked about holidays in Norway and Switzerland. I also really enjoy outdoor activities under the name of rafting, on the wild mountain rivers.

  2. Raisin-Zn

    Really want to fly in a balloon, а еще и на параплане – это вообще сказка! С верху все такое маленькое, как на карте! Но и если честно страшновато, но все ровно тянет…

  3. Оля

    Я большой любитель активного отдыха и мне эта статья очень пригодится.

  4. weter58888

    Давняя мечта – попробовать себя в покорении горных вершин. Теперь осталось определиться куда поехать: in Austria or in Switzerland?! Thanks for the article.

  5. Amin

    By the way, in such a narrow-minded, too, can Carpathians Activities rafting on mountain rivers, especially, if you're lucky, and will be a lot of water. You can climb and rope bridges over the abyss. And all this for very little money, Unlike Europe and America.


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