Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the most famous city in Brazil, in which several million tourists come each year. Life here never stops for an instant and boils 24 hours a day. It is a place of eternal holidayand a variety of entertainment. For Rio de Janeiro is characterized by a combination of luxury and poverty. Amazingly beautiful beaches, luxury villas and hotels, exotic flowers, lush green vegetation. The locals are very friendly to tourists, but they have a special disposition, and feel your most beautiful city in the world. Rio de Janeiro is located between the mountain range and the bay of Guanabara. Above the bay stands the famous mountain, with an amazing name Sugar Loaf, a visiting Rio de Janeiro Card and its main attraction. On top of the mountain offers a spectacular view of the city, the bay and the small island, расположенные рядом. You should definitely pay attention to the giant 14-kilometer bridge, which connects the town with the Niterói. You can climb a mountain using a cable car, which takes place here. During the ascent, on the lower hill, offers a break, snack and listen to Brazilian musicians. Туры из Новосибирска на двоих лучше брать с экскурсиями, to have time to see all the major sights. Rio de Janeiro, It does not expand and does not change, it is sandwiched between the water and mountains, surrounded by hills, which are covered with exotic vegetation, and the sea with golden sand. To build a new building, Locals come to win this territory from nature, so many houses are on drained swamps and slopes. Most huge skyscrapers are located along the avenue Rio Branco, and the noisiest area - Kolakobana, this is where concentrated all luxury hotels, expensive restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas. It is the center of night life of Rio de Janeiro. Despite the fact that the city's residents love their Sugarloaf, the main attraction and symbol of Rio de Janeiro is of course the statue of Christ the Savior, which is located on Mount Corcovado. This monument was erected here in 1931 Year, its weight is about 1000 tons. It seems that this beautiful statue as if embracing Rio de Janeiro open arms and protects against all ills. in the afternoon, principal place of residence of all tourists, This white beaches, They are located near the city center, the most famous are considered Aproador, Vidigal, Botafogo,Pepin,Flamenco, lemi.  

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