Суздаль фото

Суздаль – город старины, покоя и православия

Если вы ещё не бывали в Суздале, Вас наверняка порадует и архитектура города, и его жители - доброжелательные, немного провинциальные, расположенные к общению, да и все остальное. With the exception of the main street, vehicular traffic on the roads slightly, but can be found in Suzdal carriage with a horse, seated on the driver's seat and the driver looking out the passenger wagons satisfied. Can meet, for example, Man, chokes tow slot on the outside of the house. Pictures as if from another age. The number of churches and monasteries in the vicinity of each other strikes. In each of them wants to look, pray, if you are a believer, write a note on health and for the peace. Just think about the eternal. Be sure to visit Suzdal Kremlin, one of the oldest buildings in the city. Archaeologists believe, that its construction dates back to 10 century, and the city of Suzdal began to build here in the 12 century. Not only survived the protective walls and towers, and all the main buildings of the Kremlin : Cathedral of the Nativity, St. Nicholas Church and the House of Bishops have survived. Most tourists climbs the earthen wall, stretching almost half a kilometer, where you can look around the entire city, marvel at the many church domes and unhurried flow of the Kamenka River. Throughout the main street you will come across shops, shops and stalls with souvenirs. Ceramics, magnets, maces and clubs, boots and vases, souvenirs here and a great variety for all tastes. You can choose a watercolor. The temples can be purchased at the memory icon. Suzdal is also called a museum of wooden architecture. And in the XXI century, and it became a city-holiday. From all over Russia, and even from abroad, tourists come here for Easter, Christmas, Trinity and Carnival. Here there are some unique holidays, as the Day of cucumber, Lapot holiday, cartoon festival. Friendly residents offer the local mead, and tea will be served jam, which is somewhat surprising for a restaurant, but very Positioning. If you plan to go to Suzdal on their own or in their cars, and slowly wander through the streets of the city, and then go to Vladimir, we recommend you do as well, like we did on your trip - inexpensive stayed at the hotel SCC Suzdal. Power is strong and the city besets. Come to mind bright thoughts, vanity and minor problems on the back burner. That he was so wonderful and attractive city of Suzdal. Well, if you have not been in Vladimir, which is 26 km from Suzdal, You are guaranteed another fabulous trip to the beautiful Russian city, attractions and full of glorious stories. But that's another story.

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