amazing Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has always been considered the most favorite destination for Russian tourists. all because, that is amazingly combines a variety of tourist facilities and the price for staying in the country.Also distinguishes this country from other relatively close location, the mild climate and the lack of a language barrier. The capital of the Czech Republic - Prague - old cultural and tourist center of Europe. This could come as a by turputevku, and independently, pre-reserving flights from Moscow Prague. Also from the popular cities of the Czech Republic is to provide Karlovy Vary. This resort is famous for its beauty, thanks to the hot springs, the strongest of which is capable of erupting at a height of 12 Metres away! Cesky Krumlov - a small town, rich monuments. It is located in the south and it is especially popular among honeymooners. Here you can organize a wedding ceremony or honeymoon, and, do not doubt, This you will remember for a lifetime! And such cities in the country a lot of! But the monuments and castles - is not the only, what can surprise and please the Czech Republic. Here, surprisingly quiet and relaxed atmosphere and all the conditions for, you to rest your body and soul and get a lot of positive emotions. The climate in the Czech Republic mostly mild. Severe frosts almost never happens, and the summer heat is short-lived. The only negative - almost does not stop the wind. Therefore, better to dress warmly. The state currency - Czech koruna. To make better use of exchanging dollars and euros, as Russian rubles are accepted not all exchange offices, yes and disadvantageous exchange rate. Czech cuisine is diverse and very high in calories. Each tourist is certainly worth at least once to taste, for example, marinated in beer or pig leg stew. Of the desserts are the most popular dishes such, as apple strudel and the famous "palanchiki" - pancakes with ice cream and fruit with whipped cream. from drinks, of course, it is impossible not to mention about the famous Czech beer. Strong drink is very popular Becherovka - a liqueur of 20 herbs, strength 38 degrees. In the Czech Republic a huge number of cafes and restaurants, which can be a good snack or a hearty dinner at a relatively low price. the main thing, if you want a cheap and filling meal, Try to find a quiet place, not infested with tourists. And another tip: Czech streets paved with paving stones, therefore it is better to abandon heels, and walks to choose comfortable sports shoes. In a word, Czech Republic - it really is a fascinating country! And if you like medieval castles and the atmosphere you are interested in the history of Europe, in this country, you just need to visit!

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