Active and extreme recreation with the TengriTravel website

We are located in Kazakhstan, amazing and because of its uniqueness, ecologically clean corner of the planet. There are still plenty of places here, where a man's foot has rarely gone. Wild, pristine nature.

If you decide to stay with us, do it with us. We will advise you on all kinds of active and extreme recreation. Hikes of any complexity, climbing volcanoes, alloys, fishing, bus and jeep tours. We will recommend the best diving spots, Climbers, scientific and film crews.

The main concept of our site, respect for nature remains. Nature is fragile and vulnerable. We will choose a program calculated with the maximum limitation of anthropogenic impact on the environment. Most of our company's informational articles, dedicated to promoting the wise use of natural resources. Perhaps that is why you will not see anything about hunting on the pages of the site., because the common opinion of our team is - do not kill animals for pleasure.

Along with commercial activities, we are engaged in and actively support many public events and programs.

Scroll through the pages of our site. Here you will find information on the proposed ecological, biological, scientific hikes and tours. The travel section lists many routes not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Russia, Europe and other continents, in particular descriptions and categories of the main volcanoes in Kamchatka. For fans of rafting and fishing, articles are presented with the description and nature of the rivers, types and timing of fish. And, gaining popularity - road travel and jeep tours, as a means of achieving certain goals, without large physical costs of a person.

Our company is completely open to communication, write, leave your messages and ask topics by phone or e-mail, specified on the Contacts page.

about the project

Kazakh tourist site organized in winter 2018 year. But our roots go back a long way. Once upon a time we, still children, were seriously fond of hiking in their native land as part of various tourist clubs. .

Then everyone grew up. Work and family concerns are scattered across different urban areas, but the spirit of travel beckons and makes you reassemble your equipment and go hundreds of kilometers, to the fire to the river, to feel freedom again. Now we are together again. United, to combine work with passion. And the experience of past and present years allows us to declare, that we love it and know how to do it! Our site contains all the most interesting, what is in the world of travel.

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