Tokyo – Another miracle east

We are delighted with the eastern countries, who are willing to offer us all the blessings, as well as affect their culture, traditions. Many Europeans do not mind every summer or every man his vacation to spend it here,on the Asian continent, to certainly explore every state. After all, these countries have some sort of positive energy, which is not understandable for our latitude. Here people live completely differently, that we like, accustomed to the ordinary days, as well as permanent job.

If you choose, that, of course, selection can certainly fall on any city. However, perhaps, one of the most unusual and beautiful is Tokyo. Of course, Japan has always remained a mystery to all people, who live on the mainland. However, its capital, attracts many tourists from around the world, although, that the country is too far. First arrived in the Japanese capital, It can hit exactly, that is perfectly combine different times, as well as the worlds. ancient buildings, are more similar to the sights and witness the unusual culture, perfectly combined and are next to skyscrapers, and does not interfere with the modern life of the local residents.

Of course, like all the eastern cities, Tokyo is full of beautiful places, and sights. The city is filled with a variety of cafes and restaurants, that offer the delights of local cuisine, and can even wrap your dinner with a, that you continue to learn the wonderful dishes of delicious seafood in a convenient spot. If you are traveling with children, worth visiting in the local Disneyland. It was built as a counterpart to the American famous park. There are many themed areas, where every visitor can find a ride to your liking. Usually, not only thrilling rides can be a great attraction for every tourist, but also excellent fireworks, and festivals, concerts, held here. You will get a great chance to watch sumo, this sport is very popular. Fujiyama - it's the huge volcano in the country. Here you can watch the beautiful scenery, as well as the big hills. The country has many active volcanoes, why not rare earthquake and tsunami. Many tourists attract health resorts with thermal springs. After all, here you can find health, and enjoy wonderful fresh air.  

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