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General information. When warm Mediterranean resorts bored, is a cruise on the sea road Viking. All the more so, If you have long dreamed about it.

Liners, following the route Helsinki-Stockholm- Helsinki, suited for this can be very useful. To bathe in the waters of the northern seas can be a total of three weeks in a year, and a summer. Specifically, so as not to spoil the rest, modern airliners are equipped with decks with pools. The waters of the Baltic cruises have become popular only recently. But trust, две недели в северных странах того стоят. Круизы по холодным водам начинаются с Финляндии. Getting to Finland You can comfortably Boeings from Moscow. The flight does not take more than two hours. The transfer from the airport to the seaport can be paid in advance at the agency, and we can take a taxi. The road will only take half an hour, but give enormous pleasure: speed flat track, around the tall pines and spruce. If you are traveling in winter, you can see the amazing dialogue between modernity and the pristine purity of nature. And the most amazing thing - the smell of the sea, which is in the air all year round. The capital of Finland - Helsinki - the old town, with square blocks, "Brownies boxes" and wide streets. Tourists are surprised and a large number of outdoor advertising. Capital cozy atmosphere reminiscent of the spirit of the northern province. See liner, You can only drove up to the port, когда на ваших глазах удивительным образом вырастет верхняя палуба корабля. It will be seen through the home of the capital.

How to start a tour of the northern waters. The most luxurious liners on this route remains of ships "Silja Line". Впервые увидев этиДорогами смелых викингов Liners, You can experience a real shock. The ship is a 12-deck vessel, which can be compared, except that, with fashionable high-rise. The length of the ship more 200 meters. There is a question: как такое огромное чудо техники может аккуратно зайти в довольно не просторную гавань порта Финской столицы? The liner is able to take 2852 passengers and crew of a huge team. Only the ship is 25 conference rooms, 13 restaurants and small bars, 6 stores and more than a thousand parking spaces, which store not only coaches, but cars. Passengers can stay in one of the 986 cabins of various classes. Очень часто лайнер этой фирмы называют «плавающим городом». Staying in this city begins, when the foot entered the tourist board, и продолжается с отплытием, by the course and berthing to the site. Begins landing ship for 90 minutes before departure, local time of about 3 hours of the day. Tourists after the passage of the control zone, sent in a huge plastic hallway, который ведет на борт. Turn out to passengers already on the 6 Deck, nearly half of the ship. Pofantazirovali builders and nazvaniem street korablya. Central boulevard called the Promenade, which represents the central deck. The length of the street - almost 150 meters. If you look at the ship from above, you can see, Prom that parallel sides of the ship and visually divides it into two equal parts. To get to his cabin passenger can through special corridors and elevators. Phone lift is indicated on your boarding pass, so it is almost impossible to get lost. At the time of departure all the passengers go to the upper deck, and symbolically wish vehicle speed lung. Of course, This must be accompanied by weather. Passengers watched with delight, as the captain gently passes the smallest islands of the Gulf, directing the steel liner in the waters of northern seas. It's time before dinner to see the amazing sunset. And the climate changes dramatically: start cold gusty wind, Chance of rain fine.

Buffet and other kitchen Eat on the liner can be anywhere: from small and cozy cafe, fast foods and, ending, fashionable restaurants. But the main dining room is ready to entertain the ferry viands. Passengers are offered a huge buffet with dishes from different world cuisines. In order not to be trapped, and do not get confused by all sorts of dishes, must be chosen well combined products. Of course, the most popular are dishes of salmon, Salmon and Seafood. Few can deny himself, and in a sandwich with red caviar. The wine list is presented liner Chilean and French vineyards. Wherein, white wines - from South America, then red - from Western Europe. Dinner resembles a real feast, and leaves only positive emotions.

From Oknata - Sweden evident In the Swedish capital of the ship moors in the morning. See small and large archipelago of islands allows good weather. therefore, to the dawn of passengers rushing to the upper deck to admire the Swedish cold sun. Amazing maneuvers and liner between the islands. On the 12th you can see the deck, such as rapidly colonized the island. Many Swedes build on them giving: two-storey houses, set near the marina and fishing lodges. But if the island in diameter exceeds 100 meters, it is possible to see a few houses and a total quay. And, Buffet style will surprise visitors with its simplicity and overkill of white color. A roof covered with brown houses such, terracotta and red tiles. Adorns the small hut tall pine forests. Russian tourists hard to get used to the idea of ​​the possible existence on such a small island. But the Swedes love not only solitude, but also to equip quite small in area homes. Completes integrity of the island landscape white and black swans, that simply swim to the marinas. Perhaps, the greatest surprise will be a parked car on this tiny island. This does not fit in the head: why this vehicle? In fact, there are regularly ferries, who "drive up" a car with a driver for a job in Stockholm.

Welcome to the real Stockholm Sweden's capital is 14 interconnected islands, different sizes. Surprisingly, but the islands are located in the fresh waters of Lake Mallory, and some - in the waters of the North Sea. Out on the land, first, that catches the eye, is the minimum number of people. In this city, хоть и достаточно просторен, but not inferior in the comfort of a populous European capitals. Impressive and northern restraint, and the cold sea air, and even a certain fabulousness. It is in this city was born and lived the fantastic character of Astrid Lindgren - Karlsson. What else do we know Stockholm? - Of course, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize, The palace of the royal dynasty and a fighting ship "Vassa", who was raised from the bottom of the Gulf of. Only in this city can feel socialism (about which so much talk). Unlikely to meet someone, who interfere with the neighbor next door and just walking man. Impresses tourists and Regal Palace, which does not have any luxury interior element. This happened because, that the King, he would save money for the public, they just did not spend on decorating their residence. Today, the descendants of the monarch are quite modest, but the royal lifestyle. During that Swedes idolized monarch family. In the main building of the city - the Town Hall annually hosts a banquet in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize. This tradition has been around for more than a century. Being in Stockholm, should definitely visit the museum writer Astrid Laingred. Swedes themselves more like a fun Peppilottu Viktualinu. But Carlson fond of Eastern Europeans. The old part of the city called Gamla Stan, which will house the Museum of the Vikings, Zoo, and even the Knights Island. In Stockholm, the ferry is a few days, so that all the sights of the Swedish capital you can have time to visit. Good vacation!

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