Alpine Ski Dubai complex – memorable holiday in Dubai

Holidays in Dubai - is the hot sun, wonderful beaches and the azure sea. What's so surprising, you ask. How about a mini ski resort in the Arabian desert? Ski Dubai Ski complex located in the heart of the shopping center Mall of Emirates. The total area is 22 000 square meter, height 85 Metres away. At the same time complex can accommodate up to a thousand people. Complex Ski Dubai - a huge glass cube, accommodating the 4 mountain slopes of different levels of cross-, jumps and even a break in 60 Metres away. For fans of a double bobsleigh track, toboggan-run, rope and chair lifts, and winter gear and equipment is included in the price (about $35) two-hour session.

That's a miracle in the desert, more of it as it is impossible to name:

Горнолыжный комплекс Ski Dubai - незабываемый отдых в Дубаи Our instructors work with beginners. Children up 12 years old are not permitted on the tracks, but that they will not disappoint. For younger visitors opened a huge snow park. Also in the Ski Dubai can be a tasty snack, under the dome, a pair of cozy cafes. Ski Dubai - an oasis of cool amid the hot sands of the Arab. It turns out, Winter and summer can live quite close together. This resting place is ideal for families, where some are fond of skiing, and others - to bask in the warm sand.

Видео горнолыжного курорта Ski Dubai в пустыне

2 thoughts on “Alpine Ski Dubai complex – memorable holiday in Dubai

  1. Юлия Ч

    It really nezybyvaemoe in Dubai. Were a family on holiday in Dubai. Persuaded her husband to visit this place. Impressions of the sea. Unforgettable contrast desert and snow.

  2. Michael

    I certainly was not there ,but would very much like to go there,therefore – that I love ski resorts. Ridden only on skis,but really want to try himself on a snowboard.


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